– Soul Winning Community Projects –


What We Do

We take care of orphans.
We take care of the sick.
We take care of the aged.

We connect those who cannot help themselves to social welfare resources.

We take care of those who do not have caregivers.

We help those who have no identity documents to get registered.


Our first priority is to serve those who are alone. To build trust between our centre and the community is vital


We put a smile on the faces of those who have lost their smile and have lost hope


We do what we say to set an example


We show we believe in what we do by doing it excellently

Safe Place

We create a place where people feel safe and are safe

“Currently operating out of a shipping container office, even in this basic setting we take pride in providing excellent services to Orphans, AIDS suffers & the Elderly.”

Thulani Mdladla

Building winning communities Since 2002

SWCP has the support of a number of sponsors who believe in its vision to help make AMAOTANA a winning community.

HIV/AIDS has placed great stress on this community by leaving many children without parents and the elderly without the support of their working children.

SWCP has taken occupation of land in a strategic spot and is seeking to gain title to this land.

The external supporters of SWCP are ready to raise support from corporates for a building as a place of safety and a meeting place for those who are alone in the community

Contact us


8XRW+F8, Mawotana, 4344
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Registration numbers

NPO 025-571
NPC 2021547279

Contact us

+27 82 676 9958